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New Year 2020

A very Happy New Year to all our readers of this website.

Take Care and Stay safe


Wednesday, 1st January 2020

For the statistically curious these are the Litter totals for 2019:

KYLEAKIN VILLAGE (1st January - 31st December)

Total Litter collected = 199 bags

Total Dog Poos collected = 638 bags

Total Cigarette Ends collected = 16,267

Total KEG Volunteer Hours = 245 hours 45 minutes


Total Litter Collected = 9 bags

Total Dog Poos collected = 0 bags

Total Cigarette Ends collected = 0

Total KEG Volunteer Hours = 3 hours

Other Areas include  Kyle Co-op Car Park and the Skye Bridge.

DEAR DIARY continues after the photos below...


The Obe in Winter
The Obe in Winter
Viewed from across the Stepping Stones at low tide
The Obe at Low Tide
The Obe at Low Tide
On very low tides The Obe nearly dries out!
Kyleakin Play Park
Kyleakin Play Park
Thanks to the Kyleakin PTA, children now have a great new Play Park in Olaf Road
Operation Joint Warrior 2013
Operation Joint Warrior 2013
The Royal Norwegian Navy ~ S304 Uthaug passing Eilean Ban towards The Skye Bridge
Lochalsh Junior Pipe Band
Lochalsh Junior Pipe Band
Playing on The Corran on the evening of 10th June 2013
Memorial to Andrew Gordon
Memorial to Andrew Gordon
This Memorial Tablet is located at the Old Telescope by the Foreshore and is in remembrance of Andrew Gordon who tragically died in 2015 whilst out swimming by The Skye Bridge
Vectis Osprey at Kyle of Lochalsh
Vectis Osprey at Kyle of Lochalsh
This 8500 tonne UK Registered Cargo Vessel docked in early May to unload some truly enormous blades (57m long) for the 66 turbine Wind Farm at Stronelairg near Fort Augustus
Vectis Osprey at Kyle of Lochalsh
Vectis Osprey at Kyle of Lochalsh
The truck beds used telescope out for these really long loads
The Skye Bridge & Eilean Ban Lighthouse
The Skye Bridge & Eilean Ban Lighthouse
Viewed from Hill of the Red Fox
Tom Leppard
Tom Leppard
Known as the Leopard Man of Skye, Tom died in June 2016 aged 80 years
Marine Harvest - Kyleakin Quarry
Marine Harvest - Kyleakin Quarry
Drilling and installing piles - May 2017
New Housing Site off Olaf Road
New Housing Site off Olaf Road
Abelard aka Hemmy
Abelard aka Hemmy
Asleep in his other many Snooze Haunts
Charles Cameron Place in Kyleakin
Charles Cameron Place in Kyleakin
New housing development off Olaf Road - see above
Parking Regulations in Kyleakin
Parking Regulations in Kyleakin
New Parking Regulations came into force in 2019
MOWI Kyleakin
MOWI Kyleakin
The new Fish Feed Plant viewed from Hill of the Red Fox
The MOWI Salmon Wagon
The MOWI Salmon Wagon
Further info from: mowisalmonwagon.co.uk
Huge scale of the Fish Feed Plant
Huge scale of the Fish Feed Plant
Standing below something that is over seven storeys high!
The Control Room
The Control Room
It only takes a crew of four persons to operate the Fish Feed Plant

Sunday, 12th January 2020

Well, where to start !  Unfortunately our car died yet again at the hill entrance to Kyle Co-op on Friday in atrocious weather conditions.  So, many thanks to young Danny from the Co-op Staff and  to Keith from SSE and  of course to Donny from Murchisons Garage and the lovely lass from the Taxi.

Wednesday, 26th February 2020

Sun at last!  The Village is gearing up for the start of the Tourist Season as any remaining debris from the recent storms is cleared from the roads and foreshore areas.  The flagpole at the Kings Arms Hotel lost several feet of its height during 'Dennis' but apart from that there doesn't appear to have been any significant damage to the Village.

Friday, 28th February 2020

Proposed Kyleakin - Broadford Cycle Path

There will be an informal Public Meeting about the progress of this exciting off-road Project, delivered by Broadford & Strath Community Company, on Thursday, 5th March at Kyleakin Village Hall.  Time: 6.30pm for 7.00pm

This will give local residents a chance to view the optimal routes to take the Cycle Path at least as far as the Armadale turn off.  There will be refreshments available.

In 2012 KEG had started this Project but the main problems with putting the route in on the north side were getting past the Quarry due to a near vertical drop into a large pool of water that undercuts the road slightly at one point. The optimal route at that time was to go straight up the south side of the A87.

Whichever route is finally chosen, it must meet the 'Abilities for All' criteria.

You can find out more by going to the 'Skye Cycle Way' page on Facebook.

Monday, 16th March 2020

We have added a Link on our LINKS page about Coronavirus under the Health Matters heading - see NHS.

Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Following on from the advice issued by the UK & Scottish Governments, KEG will not be carrying out any Litter Picking in Kyleakin or anywhere else until at least the 14th April.

If you are out taking exercise at any time, please dispose of your Litter in the Village Bins (including Dog Waste) or take it home for disposal.  Thankyou.

Wednesday, 25th March 2020

Scottish Mountain Rescue (formerly the MRC of S, the governing body for Mountain & Cave Rescue in Scotland) have asked people to stay off the hills at present.  If you have an accident and require to be rescued it could put your rescuers at risk of COVID-19 if the person being rescued is, or may not be aware that they are, affected.

Police Scotland have confirmed that Jordan Devereux who was missing in the Glenelg area has been found safe and well.

Friday, 3rd April 2020

There is now an Emergency Hub based at the King's Arms Hotel in Kyleakin for the distribution of meals - see the 'Kyleakin & Kylerhea Community Council' Facebook page for information.

There is also a 'Blessing Box' based in the Bus Shelter closest to the King's Arms Hotel which contains a variety of foodstuffs, etc.  The information given is to help yourself if you need to and to donate items if you can - non-perishables are preferred but if it is fresh, to please bag and date it.

Thursday, 9th April 2020

In addition to the above services, volunteers will be providing lifts to the Co-op during vulnerable shopping hours (pick-up normally after 0800hrs) on a Tuesday and Friday, using the Kyleakin Community Minibus or other transport.

To book a seat either e-mail kyleakinminibus@gmail.com or send a message to Kyleakin Community Minibus on Facebook.

Tuesday, 14th April 2020

BBC Scotland have announced that there is a new helpline available to all Scots who are at high risk of contracting Coronavirus and who have no support network at home: Tel - 0800 111 4000

Monday, 20th April 2020

The RNLI has issued a plea for people to stay on dry land after two missing kayakers sparked a search and rescue mission in Shetland.

The pair were reported missing around the Maywick and Bigton area at about 17:00 on Sunday, but were later spotted safe and well by Coastguard teams.

The Aith lifeboat was launched, but was stood down before it reached the area.

The RNLI said every call-out potentially exposed its volunteers to Covid-19.

SOURCE: BBC News online

Saturday, 30th May 2020

It is hoped to restart Litter Picking in Kyleakin only from Monday, 1st June on a restricted basis.

For information about getting back to the hills please go to www.mountaineering.scot for further details and www.rya.org.uk for information on returning to boating activities.

Monday, 22nd June 2020

We had hoped to restart Weeding in the Village today, starting off with the pavement area on South Obbe but due to the prevailing weather conditions this wee Project has been shelved for just now.

Thursday, 25th June 2020

As many of our residents may be aware we are currenly in the middle of a bit of a thunderstorm!  Since early this morning (it is now 2110hrs).

This is called a Super Cell - noise, lightening, rain, brightens up for a bit then repeat.  There was a huge forked lightening strike on the hill, in the broadleaved areas.  KEG will investigate in due course!

Please stay in when there is a Thunderstorm - and keep your pets and wains safe!

Sunday, 16th August 2020

Still very hot with sea mists being quite frequent and a bit of a 'pea souper' yesterday.  The Village is quite busy now with the same problem of overnighting motor homes in the Car Park and, judging by the pong, some persons using the storm drains to empty grey water (toilets) tanks!

The Blessing Box has now been removed from the Bus Stop by the King's Arms Hotel (which is due to re-open in March 2021) and re-sited by the Public Telephone to the rear of the Bright Water Centre, down near the Pontoons in the Harbour.

Saturday, 29th August 2020

We now have a new Bin in the Village on Kyleside to replace the one that broke last year and it is located north of the field adjacent to the Village Hall.

Interestingly someone has unloaded a stockpile of used creels next to the Recycling Skip by the Car Park!

Monday, 26th October 2020

For some odd reason Google have us listed as a 'Clinic'.  Now, due to a typing error about 12 years ago, someone accidentally listed our Telephone Number for that of the Dentist in Kyle, whose number is: 01599 534 552.  So that might be the reason.

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